Comfort Inn

1000 Upper Front Street 

Binghamton, NY 13905

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Hi! I'm Michelle

I am your Intuitive Lifestyle Transformation Coach.


As an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and go-getter I am dedicated to helping you create a better way.  To live a happy lifestyle filled with infinite possibilities...

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I just recently went through a rough patch and I used every tool I learned from you. I now feel stronger than ever. 


An incredible workshop where I had a lot of 'holy shit' moments! I think it's time to start listening. Life is about balance, being patient and not forcing what isn't meant to happen. 


"Since last year's Rise To Shine Event I am focusing on attracting what I want. And becoming my true joyful self! The day was absolutely wonderful! From start to finish and after. "

- Paula


"Wonderful. Amazing. Inspiring"

- Pam


What will you be saying after this years event?