Comfort Inn

1000 Upper Front Street 

Binghamton, NY 13905

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Hi! I'm Michelle

I am your Intuitive Lifestyle Transformation Coach.


As an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and go-getter I am dedicated to helping you create a better way.  To live a happy lifestyle filled with infinite possibilities...

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Meet Our Guest Speakers


Let your light shine. It is bright and rightfully yours! Step into your power for strength and guidance.


Be guided~Be love~Be better.

Plug in to recharge with MIchelle Irene

Derek is a Binghamton native, and a graduate from Chenango Valley  High School. He signed a Division 1 scholarship to play baseball for Long Island University - Brooklyn, where he went on to play four years and earn his degree in Exercise Science, with honors. 


 Through his love of sports, he found the importance of maintaining a strong and mobile body. The studies and application quickly became a new passion for Derek while he studied for his degree. At the conclusion of his playing career and upon graduating from LIU, Derek found himself interning for the Newark Bears Baseball Club (Newark, New Jersey) where he served as the assistant strength and conditioning coach. While with the Bears, Derek was also serving as General Manager and top personal trainer for one of the most successful personal training facilities in New York City. 


In February of 2013, Derek decided to move back to Binghamton and followed his passion to open up his own personal training studio. March 2013 is when Stupski Fitness officially opened its doors in the Chenango Bridge area.

Bio: Ebony is a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer, and the founder behind the empowerment brand Queens Recognize Queens®.

She is a powerhouse of thought, light, and love, offering revolutionary insight into how changing ourselves little by little, IS the change we wish to see. She hosts & collaborates with other women to offer unique holistic workshops, events, and online classes, to assist women in the pursuit of their highest confidence and potential. Ebony shares the methods that have allowed her to thrive as a champion of life. Her passion comes in giving women the much-needed tools and perspective to shift their lives into gear of living up to their fullest potential.

You can reach ebony

Meet Liz Pfister. She will be sharing her story of triumph at the event this weekend. How she did the work and discovered something new within herself.

🌟I was a working mom at a job for over 15 years when I met Michelle. I wasn’t happy I felt in a rut at my job but I needed it to survive. My relationship was not in a good place and was causing me a lot of stress as well. I have been able to use Michelle’s teachings to manifest a new life that I love and that is abundant. I was able to buy my house by following the breadcrumbs. I’ve gotten a new job that I love and has created new opportunities for me. I also became a Reiki practitioner sharing my light & helping people. Now I’m starting my own classes to help people all thanks to Michelle’s teachings. 🌟

Meet Cin D Duncan. She will be sharing her story and discovery of self-love to reconnecting with a true love thought to have been lost forever.  How she did the work and discovered something new within herself.