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Hi! I'm Michelle


I am your Intuitive Lifestyle Transformation Coach.


As an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and go-getter I am dedicated to helping you create a better way.  To live a happy lifestyle filled with infinite possibilities...

© 2018 by Michelle Irene, LLC

Rise to Shine

SUNDAY OCT 13th 10:00AM - 4:00PM 

New Year -- New Format --

Fun - Uplifting - Interactive - Motivational


That is the goal of this year's 2nd Annual Rise to Shine Event



Press the restart button to up level to the next phase of living.

Fun - Uplifting - Interactive - Motivational - Awe Inspiring


🤟how to make 2019 finish on the upswing!

🧚‍♀️how to begin to manifest awesomeness for 2020

🧘‍♀️how to create a miracle mindset

🤩how to begin to live authentically

👑how to begin to make radical changes in your life

💃how to live a life of bliss

🕺how to glide through life with ease

😇PLUS creating a vision board like never before -- it's not what you think but it is Powerful!

SUPER Excited to introduce our special guests for this year's Rise to Shine Explosion!


Experience the transformation of a Sound Bath Immersion and Singing Bowls as you tune into different energy frequencies that go deep into the cells within your body.


Creating space for your visions to assist in taking your manifesting to the next level. Our area expert Lorraine Stewart and Liz Pfiester will be gracing us with this magical experience bringing peace and tranquility to the day as we rise.

. Be Happy~Live Freely~Love Fully. Join along on this amazing journey where we can grow, encourage and shine together! Creating a new vision for the new year coming but ending this year with a BANG!


Together we will:

~GAIN self acceptance, self worth and self love

~Learn techniques to help you manifest your dreams into reality

~Be guided in meditations to help you heal and clear space for peace

~Attract abundance and more of what you want

~Tap into your intuition for inspiration and guidance

~Become the best version of you

~Begin to live a life full of joy, happiness and love

This event will get you started on your journey to a revised version of you.

When you follow the process and become willing to let go, you set yourself on the path to clear your way, spread more love to live a miraculous life.






Pre-Register Before 9/30/19 to SAVE